For anyone who didn't already know, RLYL broke up in the early 1990s.  This page will focus on what members of the band are doing now.  Please email me if you have anything to add.

Chris Reed - released 'Birthday Skin' album in 1994; played at least one date with
                   Chris Reed's Woof!  1995 at the Zillo! music festival in Germany; now
                   works with Gary Weight as a producer in Lincolnshire, UK.

Dave 'Wolfie' Wolfenden - left RLYL after the Blow tour; became a roadie for the
                     Mission during their 1990 tour, then played lead guitar
                     with the Mission for remainder of tour after Simon
                     Hinkler left the Mission; rejoined RLYL after the 'Blasting Off' album.

Leon Phillips - Left RLYL right after finishing the 'Blow' album; has been a tour
                      manager for such acts as ABC, Eels, and Juno Reactor; last word was
                      that he was the tour manager for Pitchshifter's 1998 tour.

Adam Pearson - Played bass during European 'Blow' tour; has been with the
                         Sisters of Mercy since 1993, playing on the 'Under The Gun' single
                         and touring as guitarist for the band; currently working on new
                         Sisters album.

Gary Weight - Joined band for 'Blow' tour; played bass and helped write songs for
                      'Blasting Off' album; now works with Chris Reed as a producer in
                      Lincolnshire, UK.

Mark Chillington - Drummer, left during 'Blow' tour.

Martin Scott - Joined band as guitarist after Wolfie left.

George Schulz - Played drums on 'Blasting Off' album and 'Birthday Skin'.

Thanks very much to Alexa Marx and Gary Weight for their info.

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